Hubble and Me and You

Hubble and Me and You

I barely scratched the surface of what the Hubble Space Telescope has achieved this quarter century, and yet somehow I have found myself in a position to where I make the majority of my income sharing the profound stories of science, exploration, collaboration and innovation that this remarkable observatory has taken on.

Virtual Star Party | 25 Aug, 2013

Tonight’s Virtual Star Party is now live! Joining us tonight is Gary Gonnella, David Dickinson, Mark Behrendt and Thad Szabo sharing their views and talking all things...

Hubble Hangout: Comet ISON

Join the Hubble Space Telescope team from the Space Telescope Science Institute for another “Hubble Hangout” on Google+! On 17 July 2013, Dr. Alberto Conti, Tony Darnell and myself will be hosting the next episode of Hubble Hangout about Comet ISON. Joining us are Max Mutchler, Dr. Bonnie Meinke, and Dr. Jian-Yang Li to allow further discussion about what we know about Comet ISON, what we’re expecting to learn from its pass of the sun and Earth, as well as how the Hubble Space Telescope will be able to add to the current knowledge we have. This video, created from 43-minutes worth of images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope shows Comet ISON’s approach through space earlier this month. In November of 2013, ISON will travel through the Sun’s atmosphere, grazing it at around 1,000,000km from the surface of our star. IF ISON has enough material left after is pass of the Sun, it’ll head back towards the outer solar system, giving us a great view as this is when it’ll pass closest to Earth. Its tail will actually be in the direction that it’s heading, since it’s the solar wind that causes the tails of comets to form. Some are calling ISON the “Comet of the Century”, but as many have learned from the past, comets can be incredibly unpredictable. We’ll have our hangout to help clear up some questions and focus on the ones that we know will be hard to answer until ISON gets closer to the Sun. The Hubble Hangout will be broadcast live on Google+ and YouTube. Please RSVP at the following Google Event...

VSP Photo Contest Winners

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In the second week of May, we at the Virtual Star Party on Google+ decided to hold a contest. Every week, we have a live show where we connect telescopes to cameras from across the world and stream their views live into a Google+ Hangout On Air. While this is happening, however, many other astronomers have started adding their photos into the Event, sharing their still images while we’re live. Because of this fantastic amount of interaction and engagement with our audience, we went forward with a photo contest, where the winners would have their astrophotography featured on the banners, icons and various graphics we use on the show and social media outlets. The response was nothing short of breathtaking. There were about 120 entries submitted in total. Men and Women from across the world joined in by looking up into the Cosmos, capturing those moments, then shared them with the rest of us in the contest. Various types of optics were used, from 14″ Newtonian telescopes to 135mm camera lenses to binoculars. This doesn’t even include the different cameras used! Modified DSLR cameras pitted against dedicated telescope detectors with some iPhone shots thrown into the mix as well! At the end of the day, I was left with the overwhelming task of being the judge of this contest. It wasn’t easy, to say the least. There were no precise criteria that were taken into consideration, except that it needed to be their own work with the details of the object, optics and detector used to capture the image. All sorts of different objects were submitted: Moon, Nebulae, Galaxies,...
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