Hubble and Me and You

Hubble and Me and You

I barely scratched the surface of what the Hubble Space Telescope has achieved this quarter century, and yet somehow I have found myself in a position to where I make the majority of my income sharing the profound stories of science, exploration, collaboration and innovation that this remarkable observatory has taken on.

Virtual Star Party | 25 Aug, 2013

Tonight’s Virtual Star Party is now live! Joining us tonight is Gary Gonnella, David Dickinson, Mark Behrendt and Thad Szabo sharing their views and talking all things...

Hubble Hangout: Comet ISON

Join the Hubble Space Telescope team from the Space Telescope Science Institute for another “Hubble Hangout” on Google+! On 17 July 2013, Dr. Alberto Conti, Tony Darnell and myself will be hosting the next episode of Hubble Hangout about Comet ISON....

VSP Photo Contest Winners

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In the second week of May, we at the Virtual Star Party on Google+ decided to hold a contest. Every week, we have a live show where we connect telescopes to cameras from across the world and stream their views live into a Google+ Hangout On Air. While this is...
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