Hubble and Me and You

Hubble and Me and You

I barely scratched the surface of what the Hubble Space Telescope has achieved this quarter century, and yet somehow I have found myself in a position to where I make the majority of my income sharing the profound stories of science, exploration, collaboration and innovation that this remarkable observatory has taken on.

VSP Photo Contest Winners

In the second week of May, we at the Virtual Star Party on Google+ decided to hold a contest. Every week, we have a live show where we connect telescopes to cameras from across the world and stream their views live into a Google+ Hangout On Air. While this is...

deSTEMber on Google+

The twelfth month of the year is deSTEMber! Over at one of my favorite places on the internet, Google+, we’re celebrating the month of December in style! deSTEMber has been an initiative of GirlStart, out of Austin, TX to engage, celebrate and fascinate everyone...
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