M82 - The Cigar Galaxy

We’re beginning a series of artistic rendering of phenomenal images taken by the great observatories around (and above) the world! Here is our first, M82 – The Cigar Galaxy.

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Hubble Hangouts

Hubble Hangouts is an outreach collaboration between the Space Telescope Science Institute and Know The Cosmos each week, providing a free and live show for the public about science and discoveries surrounding the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Pint in the Sky

Sometimes there’s nothing better than grabbing a pint with some friends. Now, what if those friends were astrophysicists? Pint in the Sky is precisely that, where Dr. Katie Mack and Dr. Alan Duffy have a relaxed conversation about some of the most fascinating things in the entire cosmos!

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Conversations with an Astrophysicist!

A casual live broadcast every fortnight with Dr. Katie Mack and Scott Lewis, covering topics from Dark Matter to Supernovae to the Cosmic Microwave Background! While they are on air, Scott and Katie actively interact with the audience via Twitter, YouTube comments and Google+.

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Know the Cosmos

We are not merely observers of the cosmos, but active participants in it. We are in the cosmos and the cosmos is in us. For us to better know ourselves, we must better know the cosmos.

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Hubble Hangouts: The Orion Nebula

Update: Recording of the show! On 13 & 14 October, The Space Telescope Science Institute will host a workshop dedicated to the Orion Nebula. Talks and smaller presentations will discuss everything the wealth of ground-based and Hubble observations have taught us...

Space Fan News #112

In this week’s episode of Space Fan News, we talk about the exciting news of Voyager I entering interstellar space and learn about the new three-dimensional model of the interior of our Milky Way Galaxy. Here are the links for this week’s news stories:...

Virtual Star Party | 25 Aug, 2013

Tonight’s Virtual Star Party is now live! Joining us tonight is Gary Gonnella, David Dickinson, Mark Behrendt and Thad Szabo sharing their views and talking all things...

What Are Hubble's Greatest Images?

Earlier, the Office of Public Outreach team from the Space Telescope Science Institute held another Hubble Hangout to discuss what are the Greatest Images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Alberto Conti, Tony Darnell and I were the hosts, along with an all-star...

More Hubble Hangouts!

It’s already the 33rd week of 2013, and we have not one, but two Hubble Hangouts this week! Hubble Hangouts are Google+ Events created by the Hubble Space Telescope outreach team from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. These live...
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