Scott's Taking over StarTalk!

While #StarTalkLive is in California this week for two shows, they’re handing over the reins of their social media to Heather Archuletta and Scott Lewis for the shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles!

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M82 - The Cigar Galaxy

We’re beginning a series of artistic rendering of phenomenal images taken by the great observatories around (and above) the world! Here is our first, M82 – The Cigar Galaxy.

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Hubble Hangouts

Hubble Hangouts is an outreach collaboration between the Space Telescope Science Institute and Know The Cosmos each week, providing a free and live show for the public about science and discoveries surrounding the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Pint in the Sky

Sometimes there’s nothing better than grabbing a pint with some friends. Now, what if those friends were astrophysicists? Pint in the Sky is precisely that, where Dr. Katie Mack and Dr. Alan Duffy have a relaxed conversation about some of the most fascinating things in the entire cosmos!

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Conversations with an Astrophysicist!

A casual live broadcast every fortnight with Dr. Katie Mack and Scott Lewis, covering topics from Dark Matter to Supernovae to the Cosmic Microwave Background! While they are on air, Scott and Katie actively interact with the audience via Twitter, YouTube comments and Google+.

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Know the Cosmos

We are not merely observers of the cosmos, but active participants in it. We are in the cosmos and the cosmos is in us. For us to better know ourselves, we must better know the cosmos.

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Space Fan News! #139

  Astronomers have developed a new standardized method for measuring and cataloging stars and Curiosity celebrates its first Martian year! Oh and a special breed of Space Fans are building a new type of observatory-for Burning Man! Hello Space Fans! Welcome to...

Space Fan News! #138

    Stray light is affecting my favourite spacecraft while Hubble is being allocated to help out New Horizons, but to do what? Hello Space Fans! Welcome to another edition of Space Fan News! With just over a year left until New Horizons arrives at Pluto, the...

Space Fan News! #137

Two exoplanets found around Kapteyn’s star. Hubble Ultra Deep Field shines with added ultraviolet. Chandra sees whirlpool galaxy with glimmering x-ray light.

Amazing OneSky photographs

We are absolutely thrilled by the phenomenal response and activity from people across the world that participated in #OneSky. We’ll be updating this post as more images are collected and organized. If you took photos during #OneSky, please share highest resolution images at:

A true "Global Selfie"

Today is Earth Day, a celebration of our home planet and a reminder for everyone to try to change behaviors and become more concerned about the sustainability of our planet’s resources.

One of the initiatives for Earth Day was put on by NASA, where people could snap photographs of themselves and share it on social media as a #GlobalSelfie.

Pint in the Sky: Bad Astronomer – Part II

Phil Plait returns with Katie and Alan to talk about the research he’s been involved with before becoming our favourite snarky outreach astronomer!

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