The twelfth month of the year is deSTEMber!

Over at one of my favorite places on the internet, Google+, we’re celebrating the month of December in style! deSTEMber has been an initiative of GirlStart, out of Austin, TX to engage, celebrate and fascinate everyone in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In 2012, GirlStart partnered with Google Science Fair to spearhead a campaign over at Google+, bringing another layer of fascinating content for all to enjoy and participate in!

It’s not only GirlStart and Google Science fair that’s involved, either. CERNNational GeographicScientific AmericanThe San Diego, and CosmoQuest have partnered up with this amazing way of reaching out to the public to get everyone excited about STEM via Google+! Fascinating Hangouts On Air are being held the entire month and will be archived here, as well as the GirlStart website on their calendar. To access the recordings of the previous broadcasts, head on up to the menu for deSTEMber and click away!


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