Google Interview with Amy Robinson - 16 June, 2013 - Know the Cosmos

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Interview with Amy Robinson – 16 June, 2013

Ever wonder what it’s like to give a TEDx talk? How about working at MIT? How exciting is it working on a project that allows people from across the world to map neuron through a video game? These are but a few questions that my co-host Buddhini Samarasinghe and I will be asking Amy Robinson on the 16th of June. Buddhini and I will be together in San Diego, California and will be hosting a Google+ Hangout On Air with Amy from Seung’s Neuroscience Lab.

Along with many other things, Amy works with Dr. Sebastian Seung at the computational neuroscience lab at MIT, which built the EyeWire citizen science game for mapping the brain. She founded and curates the Tedx Global Music Project and also has played her hand at organizing TEDxHuntsville and is in the process of organizing TEDxMIT.

You can RSVP to watch this broadcast live on Google+ and YouTube here: Google+ Event. Just click “yes” and it’ll be added to your calendar where you’ll be able to ask the hosts and the guests questions and make comments for the show! We’re extremely excited to have Amy on and highlight the amazing things that all of us can do in the realm of science!

There are multiple places where Amy can be found online:
Google+: +Amy Robinson
Twitter: @amyleerobinson
Facebook: AmyLeeRobinson


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    Interview with Amy Robinson | Know the Cosmos