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Annular Eclipse Broadcast

We had a fantastic time on campus at Citrus College to watch the Eclipse! Thank you to the administration for allowing us access to our optics and mounts! Special thanks to Dr. Dave Kary and Dr. Denise Kaisler who were fantastic with their outreach to the public! Photos will come from our Eclipse Party once I receive them!

Not only did we have an amazing time on campus, but our view of the eclipse was featured on a special Q&BA Hangout on Google+ & YouTube with The Bad Astronomer Phil Plait! Joining the party were: Fraser Cain, Pamela Gay, and Nicole Gugliucci! We had a fantastic time sharing the Annular Eclipse with the world! Thank you to everyone for your lovely support despite the technical difficulties that occurred!

LIVE Solar eclipse Q&BA hangout

Here’s the video of our special hangout which was recorded Just For You! My view comes in at around 1hr:55min. Enjoy!


  • Mike

    Thanks so much for doing this and recording it. I didn’t get to see the eclipse at all, but it wasn’t much of one where I am.
    Nice to see a community of great people.